April 11, 2022

Reasons to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Season 2 Key Highlights

#22: Nikolai Francis - Vice President of Product Management at WePay [00:40]

#23: Why this 23 year old turned down an offer at Google to start his own nonprofit ft. Jehron Petty [01:55]

#24: The dream of becoming a hacker and escaping the traditional 9-5 ft. Samuel Bartels [03:48]

#25: Serial entrepreneur protecting companies from unethical hackers ft. Tiffany Ricks [05:06]

#26: The journey from "Hello World" to major tech executive ft. Nick Caldwell [08:45]

#27: The power of community, leadership & work ethic ft. Gwladys Keubon [12:03]

#28: Talking AI, AI ethics, and microinvesting ft. Chinasa T. Okolo [14:16]

 #29: The founding of Black Valley & the UK tech scene ft. Leke Sholuade [15:30]

 #30: How this vacuum salesman became a web developer ft. Cam Perry [16:55]

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