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Charles Arday

Charles is a voracious reader who loves to learn, analyze and understand WHY things happen. He is willing to make anything happen, no excuse is acceptable. He believes that if anyone has ever achieved greatness at any point of time in history then what’s possible for one is possible for Him.

He is a well ground Tech and Business savvy who has keen interest Robotics, Modern trends, Entrepreneurs, investments, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. He is obsessed about educating, motivating and exposing Millennials/Gen Z to the world of STEM and opportunities.

Founders Engineering

#11: Charles Arday - Mindset and Well-being Coach and Co-Founder of Winie Inc

Dec. 11, 2020

My guest for this episode is Charles Arday. He is a mindset and wellbeing coach, as well as an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hobbyist. Charles is also the current co-founder and CEO of Winie, a startup that pr…

Guest: Charles Arday