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Chanel Power

Chanel is an experienced Chemist and Mathematician furthering her career as a Software Engineer utilizing quantitative, qualitative, computational, analytical and collaborative skills to enhance the User’s Experience within Technology.

She's the Founder of Mentor Me, Chanel! The program addresses the lack of representation in the tech space. She strives to empower the next generation of Leaders, within the Black Community, to challenge the status quo, break the glass ceiling and to cultivate lasting connections.

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#7: Chanel Power - Accessibility UX Researcher at Apple and Founder of Mentor Me, Chanel!

Oct. 13, 2020

Chanel has had extensive experience in STEM ever since she was a child, and is currently a UX researcher at Apple. She is a strong advocate for helping the black community and is the founder of Mentor, Me Chanel: a program c…

Guest: Chanel Power