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#21: Daniel Jimenez - Product Manager and Founder of Debtly

April 21, 2021

My guest for this episode is Daniel Jimenez. Daniel is a growth manager at SqlDBM and founder of Debtly. In this episode, he talks about his deep interest in finance and how that interest sparked the founding of his company. We also discuss the difficulties that come with being a young start up fou…

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#10: Lance Davis - Software Engineering and Product Management Intern at Apple

Nov. 19, 2020

My guest for this episode is Lance Davis, a computer engineering student at North Carolina A&T State University. Lance has interned at Apple, both as a software engineer and product manager. He will be joining Microsoft next year as a program manager intern. In this episode, Lance shares how he got…

Guest: Lance Davis
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#6: Kenton Rowland - Product Management Leader and Founder of helloGROOV

Oct. 6, 2020

Kenton is a lover of technology and product manager with experiences at Cardinal Health, Eventbrite, and currently Groups360. Since high school he has grown as an entrepreneurial leader and proves you don't need to go the "traditional" routes to become a PM. He also is a co-founder of helloGROOV : …

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#3: Adam Thomas - A Positively Chaotic Product Management Leader and Founder

Sept. 6, 2020

Adam is a wartime product leader with 10 years of product experience and helps companies make more efficient software product teams. He also has experience as a startup founder, and loves to write on anything product and leadership specific to help others in the space. In this episode, we talk abou…

Guest: Adam Thomas