AI/ML Episodes

Founders AI/ML

#20: Darius Gant - Founder of Tesoro AI and Tech Investor

April 6, 2021

My guest for this episode is Darius Gant. Darius is the founder of Tesoro AI, an artificial intelligence start up. He's also an investment professional, as well as a former professional basketball player. He talks about how his passion for basketball would change, and eventually evolve into a passi…

Engineering AI/ML

#2: Emmanuel Acheampong - AI/ML Technologist and Online Learning Enthusiast

July 30, 2020

Emmanuel is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enthusiast/hobbyist. His love for technology and math has influenced him to create cool projects such as detailed data analyses on social media platforms, Google Assistant conversational actions, and many others. In this episode he shares …