The Black Enterprise Network

The Black Enterprise Network

A podcast featuring black professionals in tech and entrepreneurship

Recent Episodes

#34: Talking "Tequity" with Microsoft LEAP Founder ft. William A. Adams

Aug. 27, 2022

William A. Adams is a software engineering and startup trailblazer, philanthropist, and co-founder of Microsoft’s LEAP program. It was a diversity and inclusion apprenticeship that has trained more than 30 cohorts of develop…

#33: A startup making borrowing money less awkward for 16,000+ people ft. Brian Bristol

Aug. 11, 2022

In this episode I have a conversation with Brian Bristol: founder and CTO of pigeon loans - the platform that makes lending and borrowing money easy between friends and family. We talk about how Pigeon Loans got started in 2…

About the Host

Kimmiko James Profile Photo

Kimmiko James

Host and Producer

Kimmiko has a non-traditional background when it comes to getting into the tech industry. She doesn't major in Computer Science or Engineering, and landed two Software Engineering internships at Slack and recently a Product Management internship at WePay. She is also the host of the Black Enterprise Network podcast and aims to feature and amplify black voices in tech.